welcome to my blog

welcome to my blog

i'm Michelle Gregory, a 55-year-old wife, mom, Jesus-follower, beginning French learner, and Arizona native who moved to Montana 6 years ago (yeah--that was a huge change). i collect way too many craft supplies (and occasionally use them), spend way too much time on Instagram and Facebook, obsessively check my email, and own 2 horses, 2 dogs, and 1 very large black cat. i've been working on the sequel to my one fantasy novel for 9 years (don't you feel better now?). i haven't done anything here for a long time, but maybe jumping back into blogging will get the writer side of my brain humming again.

all of that may be more than you wanted to know, but anyway...

February 17, 2010

completely useless trivia

about my book... that probably no one will want to read, but it's my blog so i'll post it anyway.

-- My very first draft of Eldala started with "It was a dark and stormy night."

-- Eldala started as a NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) novel. I was supposed to write 50,000 words in 30 days. By day 17, I had 53,000 words.

-- My boys and I ended up in the local newspaper. A Phoenix reporter was doing an article on NaNoWriMo and found out what I was doing. She asked if she could send a reporter to our house.

-- Teleria is based on the country of Wales.

-- I first read the word Teleria in The Castle of Llyr by Lloyd Alexander (part of the Prydain Chronicles). It was the name of a queen. When I looked it up, I found out that it's Italian for kitchen linen.

-- Brandon (now 15) drew the map. Both of my boys came up with names. I do remember that Joshua came up with Korison. He also came up with the name Arathor.

-- The name Korison is based on the Star Wars planet of Coruscant.

-- I went through my world atlas to find names for places, people, and Baraca clans. Indonesia is a gold mine for fantasy names.

-- I never thought I'd have to make up a language.

-- The first time Arathor speaks the ancient language, I just said some nonsense words out loud. I added the exact meaning later. “Kel-lema menan-dai kah-gish tehai” roughly translated is "Wall of fire, surround my enemies." Kieran uses the same phrase at the end with Ciara.

-- "Jedzah mar kavah" means "heal the wound."

-- I made up the word Eldala and Malazia. I've since discovered that Eldala is not original. There's a book out there called "Storm Over Eldala."

-- Jessa's name was originally Mikayla and her character was originally based on Miranda Otto. Later I changed her to Madeline Stowe. It took several tries to get the woman I wanted. When I saw her in a J. C. Penney ad, I said, "There's Jessa!"

-- I once dreamed that I kissed Kieran. The beard felt weird. When I told my husband about it, he just laughed. Good thing he's not the jealous type.

-- I asked a friend what it was like to kiss a guy with a beard. Joe has never had one.

-- If I ever meet Steven Waddington (Kieran), I am totally going to freak.

-- Kieran was originally a potter. Then I changed him to a carpenter. I'm glad I finally changed him to a blacksmith - you know... big, muscular...hot.

-- I actually watched a DVD about a group of smiths making an iron rose.

-- Two years ago, we were at a Renaissance fair and I found an iron rose bud. I keep it on my fireplace mantle.

-- My mother painted the cover. Her signature is in the sword. My brother was a model for the hands.

-- I worked on the novel from 2005 to 2007. I first published it in 2007.

-- Brandon made up the gurithents and the harakan.

-- My husband described the sword fights. Some are based on fights from Ivanhoe (with Steven Waddington as Ivanhoe), Ever After, and Dragonheart.

-- For inspiration for medieval times, I watched A Knight's Tale, Lord of the Rings, Ivanhoe, and Ever After.

-- I know more about medieval life than I ever cared to know.

-- I hadn't realized I would have to plan populations until the 3rd draft. That was also when I expanded the map.

-- Kieran's tattoo is an actual tattoo I found online, minus the crown. You can see it here: Tree of Life.

-- Besides Kieran and Jessa, my favorite characters are Sahbel and Dorinda. I kind of like Gilrain, too. Stefan... I just wish he'd grow up.

-- I still cringe when I think of people reading the romance scenes, even though they're very tame.

-- My kids want me to turn Eldala into a movie. I don't think so, but you never know what God is going to do.


Jen said...

I absolutely loved this!!! How fantastic! I've never thought how much work it takes for others, more or less because I haven't actually met writers like myself until I started this blogging thing, but I enjoy reading about the stories you've created and all the time and energy it took!

I love visiting the local Ren Fests, they have a fantastic one in Magnolia, Texas that my family and I go to every year!

Shannon O'Donnell said...

This was fantastic! Why on earth would you think we wouldn't be interested in details like these? Loved it! ;-)

Michelle Gregory said...

Shannon - guess it's the insecure blogger in me that worries what my blogging friends will think.

Christine Danek said...

This is great! I love learning more about your book. I also have to make up different words as you did and I am stumped on a few. I have my family trying to come up with names for planets ;)

Auberne' Rose Ancalimon said...

I love reading trivia like this! I love it all! Tell your kids I want to do your book as a move too and that one day WE WILL DO IT!!!! A home movie with us as the characters! lol And wow, it must have been a experience kissing Kieran. That must have been some crazy dream. LOL! ;p My favorite characters are Kieran, Jessa, Gilrain and Arathor. I wish Stefan would grow up too! Ha! He turned out not to bad in the end thou. I love going to Ren fairs, we have a local one we go to. I would love to be in one once.

Michelle Gregory said...

my boys were thinking more along the lines of a movie in the theaters. but i don't want hollywood messing with my story. if one of my kids grows up to be a movie director, *then* i'll turn it over, but not to anyone else.

Auberne' Rose Ancalimon said...

I meant that! Scratch the home move. (how dose one do a emotioncon for sheepish? lol) I would not want your story messed with either.