January 21, 2010

time for more randomness

-- we just got a Wii (yes, i feel like i'm behind the times). one more thing to distract me from writing, but maybe i'll get the exercise i keep saying i need. so far, all i've done is bowling. the game i really want to learn to play is Star Wars: Force Powers Unleashed, but it means using the nunchuck and the remote at the same time and i don't know how coordinated i'll be.

-- i'm going out of town this weekend. it will be good to get away from the internet and go for a hike. just hope it doesn't rain the whole time i'm there. maybe i'll get to work on my sequel.

-- i know we need the rain in central Arizona, but i'm getting tired of the gray. i need sunshine.

-- i'm in the middle of reading another book by Mary Connealy. she always knows how to make me laugh. i was in tears last night from laughing so hard. i think i want to call her books hysterical historicals.

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KM Wilsher said...

We will miss you this weekend?