January 2, 2010

introducing "This Leg of the Journey" blog awards

first, you can read about the award and the rules here: "This Leg of the Journey" Blog Award. now i would like to present the award to these bloggers:

Donetta Jonas at A Life Uncommon -

Donetta is one of those friends i have in real life. i met her in 2001 when we were starting the process of adopting our daughter. she was very helpful with the little details. over the years, we've become good friends. we try to encourage each other often. when she started her blog, i had no idea it would touch so many people. i don't think she did either. she blogs about life, gardening, recovery, mothering, cooking, sewing, and beading, among other things.

Victoria Gaines at Light for the Writer's Soul -

more often than not, when i go to Vicki's blog, one of her quotes or blog posts encourages me to keep writing. she was the one who inspired me to start my own online collection of quotes.

Christine Hardy at The Writer's Hole -

i met Christine through Tricia Goyer's old blog. over the years, she has encouraged me with her writing journey and comments on my blog. she's not afraid to share her writing ups and downs.

Charity Singleton at Wide Open Spaces -

Charity has been fighting a battle with cancer for a while now. she's shared her struggles with health and faith. when i read her posts, i know that if she can keep going, so can i.

♫ Kristal Shaff at ....

ok, Kristal has sworn off blogging, but she should still get this award because if it weren't for her, i might not still be writing. (she'll just have to figure out where to post it - maybe on her website: Author Kristal Shaff.)

i found Kristal back in 2006 via another writer's blog. when i saw that she was a mom trying to write a fantasy novel, i decided to visit her blog and and the rest is history. we started emailing each other and then advanced to instant messaging. i think i talk to Kristal almost every day. it seems that on the days she needs encouraging, i'm able to poke at her to keep going. and when i want to trash my novel, she pokes at--- i mean encourages me -- to keep going. and then there are days we just whine together.

now, let's see how far this award goes and how many bloggers get it.


Donetta said...

Oh goodness it just dawned on me that you said something regarding this...thank you Michelle. I love your design.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Michelle! What an honor. I appreciate you. Blessings.

Vicki said...

Hi Michelle! I'm sorry to take so long to leave a comment but my heart is filled with gratitude for you! Was away from blogging a couple weeks with bronchitis and sinus infection - back in the saddle again this week. Thank you for the lovely award! Let's encourage each other this year as we continue to write! Much love & blessings! ~ Vicki