January 30, 2010

Fight Scene Blogfest and some awards and a book giveaway

i've heard about kissing scene blogfests and no-kissing scene blogfests, but this one is new. it's a fight scene blogfest. i read about it at Crimson Ink.

the 'fest' begins February 1st. if you have a fight scene you've written, a fight scene from a movie you'd like to share, or you just like reading or watching fight scenes, go on over and read the rules.

on a completely different note, i've received two awards that i need to pass on. i hope to post and pass those on in the next few days. i'm also in the process of determining the best way to give away a copy of my fantasy novel, Eldala (read "putting this off because i've been writing - finally" here). thanks to my blogging friends for all the great ideas.


Jen said...

Congratulations one the awards! I look forward to to see what you've gotten!!!

Christine Danek said...

Thanks for the information on your book. I will check it out.
Congrats ;)