December 21, 2009

totally random

-- now that i've had this blog template or skin or background (whatever they're calling these things now), i'm not sure i like it anymore. too busy. i'm a simplistic kind of girl. too much clutter in my house. i don't know if i want it on my blog. my kids asked me, "where's the rainbow?"

-- i don't know if i can get the rainbow back. my desktop computer gave me a funny message and when i contacted tech support, they said i would have to completely re-install Windows, which means i'll lose everything on my computer. the way the tech said it, you would have thought it was no big deal.

i on the other hand wanted to cry - all my digital pictures (minus the few i put on cd) were on there, along with countless other things i was meaning to back up... soon. looks like it's too late. my husband said we could take it to data doctors and maybe get some of it back. i can only hope.

-- i've never had a computer completely crash on me before. no wonder i'm feeling melancholy.

-- i didn't mean this to be a negative blog post. i'll try to come up with something light for the next few.

-- tea with my friends yesterday was lovely. i especially loved those chocolate covered macadamia nuts and the Milano cookies.

-- tea with friends was also a birthday party for me. i love birthdays, and i love getting presents. i can hardly wait to spend that gift card for Barnes and Noble, but the book i really want comes out in January, so i'm going to have to wait. sigh.

-- my husband bought a new stereo and connected our PS3 to it, so now when the kids play their games, it always comes through the speakers. i'm not sure if i like that or not. it's sound overload for me. of course, they think it's great because when the guns fire, it sounds like you're really there. oh joy.

-- i have one more author to interview and i'm very excited about this one, but i have to alter my questions and i just haven't been in the mood to do that lately.

-- i also haven't been in the mood to write, which is sad since i have a sequel to finish. not sure what's going to get me in the mood and i'm having trouble just pushing through to write it anyway.

-- time to go do something productive. the list of today's chores is long and blogging isn't getting them done.


Tabitha Bird said...

Oh so sorry to hear about your crashing computer!

But I do understand about the not wanting to write at this time of year. Despite a mad flurry of writing I had a couple of days ago I have not touched my WIP in some time. A break is a good thing. Next year awaits and I will be ready. Merry Christmas to you and thank you for commenting on my blog while I have been MIA in blogging world. :)

Kelly's Ideas said...

Love your randomness..... sounds very familiar.

Love to you