December 19, 2009

the sensitive soul

i found this quote at Victoria Gaines' Light for the Writer's Soul.

“Everyone with an artistic temperament has been told at some point in his or her life to develop a thicker skin. That’s nonsense! The world doesn’t need more thick-skinned people. It needs more people who are sensitive and tender.” ~ Rory Noland

i know i've had people tell me this over the course of my life: "Get a thicker skin. You're too sensitive." i know there are times when i should have a thicker skin, especially when someone makes a less than positive statement about something i've written or something i've said. i know my life would be easier if i weren't so sensitive. i wouldn't crash and burn as much as i do if i could just ignore negative comments.

try as i might, i can't help it most of the time. it's the way i've always been and changing is hard. now i see that maybe i don't have to change, or not as much as i thought i did. or maybe i need to learn to take the negative comments to God and not let them bother me. he's the first and last word on who i am. what other people think of me shouldn't matter.


Donetta said...

I love the quote.
so understand it.

Kelly's Ideas said...

The quote is great! Great post. It's hard not be sensitive at times but you are right - God wants us to go to Him in all that we are.. all that we do.

Love to you.

ComfortWriter said...

Well said! Thank you for stopping by and leaving your encouraging words. They are very appreciated.