December 17, 2009

honest scrap award, part 2

you can find one - five here: honest scrap award part 1

-- six -- i have two main reasons to write, but being published is not one of them. (i hope those weren't gasps i heard.) my chief reason is that i'm a storyteller at heart. i have stories in me that have to come out. i will share some of them and not share others (some of the content might make my friends blush and i don't want that happening. i care too much about what my friends might think!).

my second reason is that writing makes me come alive - it's not life itself, but it's a way to get to life. one of the side benefits of coming alive is that it gives other people permission to find what makes them come alive. or as Marianne Williamson puts it: "... as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others."

-- seven -- if i had limitless resources and time, i would start a publishing company that publishes stories by women and teens who don't have time or experience to find a publisher, but want their stories printed. a lot of people have stories they want to tell, or that others need to hear, but either the authors don't want to go through the whole finding an agent thing, or their stories aren't what publishers are looking for because the story won't sell.

i know there is self-publishing, but even that's a lot of trouble for some people and they don't want to promote their books. i wish i could do all of that for them - format, print, promote - all for free. i'm not sure how any of it would work, but that's my dream.

-- eight -- i want to save the world. that's why i don't watch the news or read the newspaper. there are too many people who need help and i have to protect my heart from all the sadness in the world. (going to the pound to look for my dog has been very difficult because i want to save all the dogs there.)

-- nine -- i'm highly sensitive to everything. you think i'm kidding, but i'm not. certain tastes, certain smells, too much touch, certain sounds, too many people in a room, lack of sleep, and certain color combinations. oh, and rejection. that's probably why i worry about what people think of me.

-- ten -- i'm a rule follower. in certain situations, i'm trying to get over it. capitalizing first words of sentences is a rule, so i don't on my blog or in emails. whenever i can, unless there's a sign posted, i try to walk on the grass in public places when no one else will.

following the rules is probably why i decided to play along with this award. the rules say i have to tell ten honest things about myself and then pass the award along to seven other bloggers. i'm going to partially break the rules on this one.

i'm passing this on to three bloggers, and i'm giving them permission to accept the award without listing anything about themselves if they so choose and they can pass it on or not.

i'll pass this on to Donetta at A Life Uncommon, Tabitha at Through my Eyes, and Lynnette at Chatterbox Chit Chat.


Lynnette Labelle said...

Thanks for the award. I always appreciate them. Although I don't believe I have this one posted on my blog, I have received it already. Check in my archived posts to read more about me.

I'm a scrapbooker, too. I only started last year and don't have much time for it, but my sis-in-law and I tend to get together once a week when my husband plays hockey.

I totally understand about wanting people to know you write, but not wanting them to know either. For the longest time, my husband didn't want me to tell people I'm a writer. Finally, I ignored him and did anyway. If I don't have the confidence to call myself a writer, then I have no business attempting to make a career out of writing. However, this has come back to bite me in the butt. I have 4 year old twins at home, so my writing time is limited. To make matters worse, I recently discovered my voice is darker than my novel allowed, so I'm starting over.

People ask how my writing's going and I know they're expecting me to say my book will be on the shelves shortly, but that's not a reality. Unfortunately, the general public doesn't understand how long it actually takes for that to happen. Oh, well. I'll continue to type away and eventually, I'll show every doubter I know that I really do have it in me to become a bestselling author.

Have a great day!

Lynnette Labelle (with two n's)

Michelle Gregory said...

thanks for sharing. sorry about the misspelling. i'll find your post in your archives.

Kristal Shaff said...

Love the new background!