November 2, 2009

up and coming writer, Anna G.

my daughter, seasoned writer that she is, has posted a new entry on her blog. It's called The Ankle. since i'm interviewing authors, i thought i would take this opportunity to interview her. she has graciously agreed. :)

MG: How long have you been writing?

A: I've been writing since I was really, really young, probably 4.

MG: How do you know when you want to write?

A: I write when my head says, "I've got a new story, so let's write it, publish it and share it."

MG: What kind of stories do you tell?

A: Right now, I'm working on a book called Dogwood, where all types of dogs, big and small, roamed a long time ago. When I said long, I meant it. I've also been writing a book called Cookie Crumbs. I got the name from one of my Littlest Pet Shop Pets. She is a pink mouse.

MG: What’s your favorite thing about writing?

A: When I write books, I feel like I'm there, but also, pictures that I draw make me feel like I'm there too.

MG: What are some of your favorite books?

A: Well, one of my favorites is Comet's Nine Lives by Jan Brett, and The Mitten by Jan Brett, Coming Home by Max Lucado, and You Are Special, also by Max Lucado. But my favorite is The Crippled Lamb, also by Max.

MG: What else do you do besides writing?

A: Usually, if I'm really bored, like a boring day that I really call Tuesday, I decide to read or play outside. I haven't gotten to do that often - cold weather. I draw and spend time with our dogs and I bead. You could call those things my hobbies.

MG: Thanks, Anna.

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