November 2, 2009

Siri Mitchell

A couple of years ago, I read Kissing Adrien. I’d never heard of Siri Mitchell, but once I was finished with that first book, I became an instant fan. I knew I’d found an author who understood what it meant to live in our freedom in Christ. I immediately emailed her and let her know how much I enjoyed the book. I was surprised when she emailed back and asked me if I would review it on Amazon. I told her I would be happy to. (My review is here: Kissing Adrien.

Every once in a while I would send another email just to encourage her or tell her I’d enjoyed another of her books. Though I don’t really know her, I can tell from her emails and writing that she has a beautiful soul. She has graciously given some of her time to answer the questions in my author interview. I am honored and grateful.

Read her interview here: Siri Mitchell.

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