October 28, 2009

a prayer for me and my writing friends

Dear Father,

I love to write. There aren’t many moments when I’m not thinking about a current story or a future story or how to tweak a past story. I think I’ve finally accepted the fact that I'm a writer. That doesn’t mean I would have asked for this.

I don’t think anyone who knows what the process is would knowingly say, “God, please make me a writer.” They’d have to be crazy to subject themselves to this kind of life. Always looking for stories. Always having pretend conversations in their head. Getting woken up by characters who demand their attention. It’s a crazy way to live.

But it’s how I live. And since You’ve seen fit to give it to me, help me use it for your glory.

1 comment:

Donetta said...

Amen and a hearty salah!
love you.