October 19, 2009

a housewife's work is never done

in honor of National Novel Writing Month, i thought i would post a series of totally unrelated snippets from my free writing notebook from 2005... sounds like a great reason to post.

ok, actually, i was looking through my freewriting notebook from 2005 and found some entries that i wanted to share. this was before i ever wrote a single word of Eldala. i didn't know i was a writer, but from my full notebook, it's obvious i had something inside waiting to get out.

so here's the first one...

a housewife's work is never done...

on my way to bed, i trip over the ps2 controller and clunk it down onto the stereo/tv cabinet. the piano bench blocks my path to the bedroom. i push it in, as i do almost every night. i glance at the living room carpet. is there a carpet in there? didn't they just pick up in there last night? i sigh - part of me wants to take care of it, but my pillow is calling. i'll deal with it tomorrow.

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