September 25, 2009

how to put off working on your 2nd draft

as i perused various blogs today, i came across this at Rebecca Knight's blog: Procrastination: Top 10 Ways to Stop Writing.

i remembered that i'd posted something like that back on my Life in the Midst of Writing blog, so i thought i'd re-post and add a couple of things.

Michelle's favorite ways to avoid writing those hard parts:

- blogging

- reading other people's blogs

- reading a good book (or even a cheesy book - now that i'm checking out e-books from a local library, it's even easier)

- "researching" information for my novel on the internet (how did they treat an infection in the middle ages? i really must know.)

- watching a good chick flick (Kate and Leopold was great last night.)

- talking on the phone to friends (that could now be interchanged with chatting on Facebook)

-doing housework (as a last resort - actually, sometimes this one helps me break thru tough plot problems)

(and to add a few new ones)

- checking email 6 times a day or more

- critiquing the stories from my new critique group

- baking a cake for my daughter's 8th birthday (that's what i'm doing today anyway)

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