September 10, 2009

blah, blah, blah

just random stuff, observations, etc from around my house...

++ my church is on haitus while we find a new building. i miss meeting with my church friends on a regular basis. i really miss the great worship.

++ my kids are getting over their colds and mine is just starting. i'm going to try to write anyway.

++ the advantage to having a cold while your spouse has a cold is that you can still kiss and not worry about spreading germs.

++ i joined an online writers' crit group . that's a big, i mean HUGE, step for me.

++ i'm 20,000 words into my 2nd draft for Eldala 2. i might even have a name for it: Blackheart.

++ writing trivia for my Eldala blog was a lot more fun that i thought it would be.

++ on my page, i saw that i'd sold 100 copies of Eldala. i think i've given away about a third of them.

++ i've been watching the Highlander series on with my boys. i'd forgotten how much i liked it. but i hadn't forgotten how nice it is to look at Adrian Paul.

++ time to go write!


Donetta said...

Wow 100 copies! that is so awesome!
I hope you get to feeling better.
tunes and dance?

KM Wilsher said...

cool! go michelle!