August 4, 2009

random ramblings...

## being sleep deprived is not helping me write the second draft of my fantasy novel

## i started a fan page for Eldala on Facebook. it was less "weird" than starting a fan page for myself. it was someone else's idea, but it's kind of fun.

## i'm looking forward to a 2 week vacation in Montana. it will be nice to get out of the Arizona heat. it will be hard to come back to the Arizona heat.

## it's 8 a.m., so my house is quiet right now. as soon as my 3 kids are up, the silence will be broken.

## our church lost the lease on the place we were meeting. i miss getting together for worship and fellowship. going to potluck dinners every few weeks just isn't the same.

## i'll be helping a guy friend buy stuff for making a scrapbook. weird.

## i'm reading various Star Wars novels with my oldest son. the current one is about clone trooper commandos. i really like it.

## when my lastest issue of Creating Keepsakes came i gave it to my daughter. i haven't worked on a scrapbook in ages. looking at a scrapbook magazine can make me feel guilty for not using all my stuff, and for letting my pictures sit around in boxes (or exist only on my computer).

## my 13 year old son will be testing for a first degree blackbelt. amazing how far he's come in a few years of doing tae kwon do.

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KM Wilsher said...

Nice post. I especially love the Star Wars, Tae Kwon Do, the male buying scrapbooking, and. . .2 weeks in Montana!!!! Whoo hoo

Great idea "random thoughts" :)