welcome to my blog

welcome to my blog

i'm Michelle Gregory, a 55-year-old wife, mom, Jesus-follower, beginning French learner, and Arizona native who moved to Montana 6 years ago (yeah--that was a huge change). i collect way too many craft supplies (and occasionally use them), spend way too much time on Instagram and Facebook, obsessively check my email, and own 2 horses, 2 dogs, and 1 very large black cat. i've been working on the sequel to my one fantasy novel for 9 years (don't you feel better now?). i haven't done anything here for a long time, but maybe jumping back into blogging will get the writer side of my brain humming again.

all of that may be more than you wanted to know, but anyway...

August 4, 2009

random ramblings...

## being sleep deprived is not helping me write the second draft of my fantasy novel

## i started a fan page for Eldala on Facebook. it was less "weird" than starting a fan page for myself. it was someone else's idea, but it's kind of fun.

## i'm looking forward to a 2 week vacation in Montana. it will be nice to get out of the Arizona heat. it will be hard to come back to the Arizona heat.

## it's 8 a.m., so my house is quiet right now. as soon as my 3 kids are up, the silence will be broken.

## our church lost the lease on the place we were meeting. i miss getting together for worship and fellowship. going to potluck dinners every few weeks just isn't the same.

## i'll be helping a guy friend buy stuff for making a scrapbook. weird.

## i'm reading various Star Wars novels with my oldest son. the current one is about clone trooper commandos. i really like it.

## when my lastest issue of Creating Keepsakes came i gave it to my daughter. i haven't worked on a scrapbook in ages. looking at a scrapbook magazine can make me feel guilty for not using all my stuff, and for letting my pictures sit around in boxes (or exist only on my computer).

## my 13 year old son will be testing for a first degree blackbelt. amazing how far he's come in a few years of doing tae kwon do.

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KM Wilsher said...

Nice post. I especially love the Star Wars, Tae Kwon Do, the male buying scrapbooking, and. . .2 weeks in Montana!!!! Whoo hoo

Great idea "random thoughts" :)