April 28, 2009

post first draft letter to my friends and family

(please feel free to use this the next time you finish a first draft. change any info as necessary)

Dear Friends/Family/Children/Spouse/Blogging Friends,

I have just finished the first draft of my novel. Please be understanding and patient with me. I spent the last few months pouring my guts out onto the computer.

I'm a little bit melancholy. I knew I would be. At first I wasn't, but it took a little longer this time to hit me. Eventually, I'll get over it. But I can't get over it right now. It will take time. For a few months, I got to play with words. I got to immerse myself in a world where - for the most part - I was in control.

Now I have to come back to the real world. The real world is nice, but I may be tempted to regress into my ficticious world. If you see me staring off into space or getting teary-eyed, gently (very gently) pull me back into reality.

So please be kind. Please forgive me ahead of time for being moody, snappy, angry, grumpy, etc. This happened to me before and I know I'll get over it - eventually - or until I start to work on another first draft, or a second draft of some other story that needs my attention.

Of course, now I will also have more time to give attention to my children, husband, house and friends.

Your friend/daughter/mom/wife/fellow blogger


Nedra Smith said...

Bless your heart, girl. (That's the best I can say. I thought I'd have something more profound, but...) Still, bless your heart. Your world, the one outside of your brain, will, hopefully, provide you with a whole new set of experiences to draw from in the next leg of your writing journey.

Donetta said...

Tell Anna to come over to "life Uncommon" I have something she might enjoy.