February 1, 2009

just stuff

## wow. it's the first day of February. why do we say "Feb-uary" when it's spelled "February"?

## we went to watch "The Tale of Despereux" yesterday, but when we ended up at the cheap theater, we felt a little creepy about the place and ended up going to the regular theater to see "Bedtime Stories." Guess we'll have to wait until Despereux comes out on DVD.

## Bedtime Stories was cute and weird and full of interesting messages about what's really important. Keri Russell was cute and Adam Sandler was goofy, as usual.

## i really want to see "Inkheart."

## my daughter has a "Fur Real" pony that stands about 3 feet high. a friend gave it to her because she wasn't playing with it anymore (thank you, Dove, for the gift, and thank you Donetta for delivering it - hope you like the strawberry pot.) the way Butterscotch moves and responds to clapping can almost make me believe it's alive. maybe that means i have the mind of a child.

## the nice thing about having a toy pony is that i don't have to feed it or clean up after it.

## i'm trying to make Arathor (a main character in Eldala 2) a little more compassionate - or maybe i should say trying to make his compassionate side finally come out. the guy needs a good cry. and he needs a really great kiss, but that will have to wait.

## i'm going to start doing yoga to help me feel better. i found a yoga series at a website called Expert Village. cool that you can find that stuff on the internet. i don't really want to go to a local class and compare myself to the flexible nymphs i might encounter.


Auberne' Rose Ancalimon said...

I was The Tale of Despereux in theaters on Christmas Day it was good, the story is mostly about forgiveness. I REALLY WANT TO SEE INKHEART!!!!!!!! LIKE SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO BAD!!!!!!! I’m hopeing to see it this week. Maybe. lol Great list! I liked Arthor (That was Kerens father right)? He was a really good character. I can wait to see more of him! Good luck with the story!!!!! ^-^

Auberne` @-`---

Auberne' Rose Ancalimon said...

Sorry, that was Suppose to be I saw Despereux. ^~^


Sombra said...

If you make Arathor really sick for a long time, then have his beloved come to see him, and wipe his brow and hold his hand, he'll have enough courage to let her know how really scared he is, and shed just two tears. Real life is really like that. you only cry when you feel safe enough to let your emotions really show - safe enough to be vunlerable.

BTDT this week! (thanks for the call, sorry I didn't get back to you.. the phone calls and e-mails are coming in in such quantity that I'm having trouble keeping up.. and keeping my emotional keel in balance.