December 5, 2008

this and that

just odd bits of life happening around me...

~ my daughter will be missing her dog this weekend - Joe's uncle is taking the dog hunting Fri - Sun. happy dog. unhappy girl.

~ i have now downloaded a second e-book from a local e-lending library. i prefer holding a book in my hands, but it's kind of fun to instantly get a book for free and not have to make a trip to the library. kind of fun and kind of weird.

~ my mouth is still sore from having some root planing done two days ago. chewing is a real challenge. i'm getting sick of soft stuff.

~ Joshua has his senior red belt. that means one more test and he'll have his junior black belt.

~ i sure wish i had a plot for Eldala 2 but nothing is coming to mind. i think i'll have my boys help me brainstorm plot ideas this weekend. at least one of my characters is starting to talk to me. now i need the other one to talk.

~ i *do* know that this story will have less action and more romance. that may be disappointing to some people, but i have to write the story that's in my head (ok, the story that's *going* to be in my head, since there isn't really one there yet).

~ it's finally getting cold here. i was starting to wonder if Christmas would be tropical this year.

~ i still think it's too early to be listening to Christmas songs. i'll be sick of them by the time Christmas actually arrives. we put up our lights, but i haven't done any other decorating yet. i'll probably wait until we get the tree in a week or so.

~ i'm a real tree Christmas tree girl. i love the smell. i love picking the tree out with the kids. i love decorating it, and now, watching my kids decorate it. i hate it when it comes down.

~ i *really* like the movie Dan in Real Life. i'm not sure why. maybe it's because i feel sorry for him having to pretend he's not falling in love with his brother's girlfriend. i'm so glad they get together in the end. Steve Carrell and Juliette Binoche are an unlikely pair, but they're great together. i laugh every time i watch the shower scene. i've watched it countless times with our "on demand" cable, but i want it in my collection. thank you, Donetta, for introducing me to it.


Thora said...

Yes I love christmas trees too
I do not know that movie Dan in real life.
I am just not going to write on my blog for now.How is your book going?

Donetta said...

Hay you, sorry I stopped by so many times to not seeing a new post . Here you have had this up a while now. I am so glad you enjoy the movie.
Eldala 2 will come. Just be still. Watch for it.
Wow Josh is really getting a lot accomplished in his goals.