October 29, 2008


not this year. but i will be editing First Comes Love in the month of november. what fun!

on another note, i am working on a short story for myself and even for that, i had to have character pictures. since Christine posted a picture of Hugh Jackman on her blog, i thought i would post a picture of Adrian Paul on mine.


and here's the exotic woman who inspired my female character.


A Musing Mom said...

No nanowrimo this year for you? Rats! I'm in this year (finally) and was hoping for your company.

Now you've got me wondering where I can find pictures/prototypes for my characters.

Michelle Gregory said...

oh well. i can still cheer you on. are you going to give us word count updates?

Donetta said...

Wow she is exotic. beautiful. Henna art....she must be very patient. artistic soul too.
He looks like he has a secrete.
Ya! comments are working!