July 24, 2013

another exerpt from Black Heart

this is from the first chapter, and takes place right after the exerpt i posted here... another first scene from Black Heart

Once inside his apartments, Kieran closed the door and inhaled. The room smelled like Jessa, just a hint of roses, his favorite smell. The candles were all snuffed, but a fire crackled in the large fireplace. He rested one hand on the mantle and stared into the flames.

“Still fascinated with fire?” He turned to see his wife curled up on their bed. She gave him a lazy smile.

“Life was simpler when I was a blacksmith.”

“Forging iron is certainly easier than forging a country.”

“Speaking of forging…I made a rose for the girls today.” “Playing again?”

“Working in the smithy helps me think.” He dressed for bed and joined her. Flour covered the end of her nose. He wiped it away with his thumb. “Seems I’m not the only one who’s been playing.”

“Halda needed help with the bread today.”

“For a queen, you spend a lot of time in the kitchen.” He tugged on the end of her braid. “You should rest more.”

“Baking helps me think. Besides, most of the kitchen staff were recovering from Riordan and Shula’s wedding last night.”

“It was quite the celebration.” After conducting a short ceremony, Kieran hadn’t stayed for more than an hour, but he’d heard that the drinking and dancing had lasted well into the morning.

“I’m surprised anyone was working today,” Jessa said, yawning.

“I was surprised my bodyguard would marry your Baraca handmaid. As far as I know, he still holds a grudge against the Baraca gang that killed his parents.”

“I think he’s still a little shocked himself. While he was saying his vows, he looked like he didn’t quite know how he’d ended up marrying her.”

“Love can overcome all kinds of obstacles.”

“Yes, it can.” She gave him a knowing look, then cuddled into his chest. He put his arm around her. “I’m glad love helped me decide to marry you.”

“So am I.” He kissed the top of her head. “I don’t know what I’d have done if you hadn’t said ‘yes.’”

“Well, without those butterflies, I wasn’t sure.”

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Elizabeth Seckman said...

I was reading your profile and I had that feeling of unity. I used to write in secret and mentioning to family and friends that I was writing caused me so much stress! The pressure of it. No one but other writers understand just how much work this is and how you're not a loser to keep getting rejected.