February 11, 2013

completely random rambling

-- wow. how did i get up to 292 followers? that's almost 300. wow. you all keep coming even though i post once a month now (limited internet). wow. i'm honored. if i had more time, i'd have a 300 party or something.

-- so how many times can you use wow in 3 or 4 sentences?

-- all those boxes downstairs and in the garage from our move in September... they're still there. some haven't been opened since we packed them in 2011. and yes, now i'm wondering "why did i keep this stuff?" i guess it was inevitable.

-- we have two jokes around here about boxes. first one is, the answer to "where is it?" is almost always "in a box." the second one is, if we go to look for one thing, we inevitably find something else that we didn't want quite as much.

-- i was thinking last night, so that my readers aren't totally bored, i'd re-post some of my favorite posts once a week or something. then my new followers can read some of the same brilliant insights (??) that my older followers have read.

-- so here's a link to the first one... dancing with God


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Almost to three hundred!
My theory is if something sits in a box or closet for over a year, I don't need it.

February Grace said...

Always glad to see you whenever you can post <3 xoxo

Annalisa Crawford said...

I like Alex's box theory. I've just tidied a cupboard and thrown out/given away many things that I was keeping 'just in case'!

Well done on almost 300 - you definitely need a party!