June 11, 2012

Black Heart snapshot

my friend Christine Hardy does a recurring post called Sunday Snapshot where we're supposed to post the last bit of dialogue we wrote. i cheated just a bit because i'm going to cut the last thing i wrote since it wasn't how i wanted the scene to go. so i backed up to the previous "last thing" i'd written.

this is from Eldala's sequel Black Heart. to explain, Kieran has told his 6 year old daughter Lydia that she can't attend a celebration (that i can't elaborate on without giving away part of Eldala's storyline). She's not happy about it because she loves to see the entertainers. He's trying to soften the blow. This is from Tiana's (one of Lydia's grandmothers) point of view and it's still first draft stuff.

“What if I send the magicians to you?” Kieran asked, his face softening.

Lydia pouted. “It wouldn’t be the same.”

“It will have to do.”

Lydia’s mouth twisted back and forth. “Can you send the jugglers too? And the acrobats and the fire eaters?”

Kieran smiled. “Yes, the jugglers and acrobats. But not the fire eaters.” He ruffled her head. “We don’t want to burn down the keep.”

Lydia put her arms around Kieran’s neck and laughed. He swung her around a few times, laughing with her. When he put her down, he kissed her cheek and ruffled her hair again. “Be good for Gramma Tee today. And stay in the nursery.”

“I will, Papa. I promise.”

He glanced at Tiana. She nodded.

“I won’t let her out of my sight, Kieran.”


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I've had your book on my iPad for a while and hope to dive into it soon!

Jen Chandler said...

I'll be reading it soon! Just as soon as I get a breather from school :)

Oh, I love the YOU SHOULD BE WRITING BUTTON. Too cute!