June 15, 2012

around the blog world

time for me to link to some blogs i've been perusing lately.

-- Kristie Cook is using her books to raise money and awareness for the National Domestic Violence Hotline. she's also looking for authors who would be willing to donate books for prizes. 

-- in my ongoing search for ideas for art journals, i came across this delightful lady, Jennibellie. the two tutorial videos i've watched so far have been great. i look forward to watching more. if you're interested in paper arts, book arts, art journaling, smash books, or junk journals, this is a good place to start.

-- today my friend Lisa Yarde talks about patience and writing. is there such a thing? be warned: she's ranting a little. ;)

-- Tasha Seegmiller has a great post about letting our writing heal. 

-- Randi Lee, over at The Emotional Process of Writing a Novel (great blog title, btw), talks about diving back into her first draft and facing her fears. guess i needed to hear that too.

-- and finally, Christine Danek has up a guest post by Elana Johnson about plotting and pacing for YA. 


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I'm doing good - I've read two of those already!

Andrea Teagan said...

Thanks for the links, I love checking out new blogs!


Kristie Cook said...

Thank you for sharing! Off to check out the others.

Donna Hole said...

Thanks; I'll be checking out some of these.


randi lee said...

Thanks so much for the linkage! I follow a couple of blogs you've mentioned, and am off to check the rest out!!! :)