May 18, 2012

how important is your story? and a word from February

i found this on a facebook page called Novel Matters. it was a good reminder.

what do you think? how important is your story? what are you willing to do to get it out there?

and on that note, February Grace wrote a great post about self-publishing and how it wasn't her last resort. 


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I think with each book, I become more willing and determined, because I know there needs to be improvement with each one.

Angela Felsted said...

February Grace just published a book called Godspeed which is just a really great read. Smooth prose, lots of tension, and an interesting story line.

stu said...

Surely the question of how important your novel is isn't just a question of what you're willing to do to promote it. The question is more one of the concerns and issues that the novel relates to.