April 12, 2012

writers aren't the only ones

perusing art journaling sites, i came across this great post called "How to Kill Your Innate Creativity" by paper artist Debra Cooper.  it was a good reminder of how we can kill our writing.

How to Sabotage Your Writing (all of which i've done)

-- spend all your writing time thinking about writing, buying books about writing, and coming up up with new stories but never write.

-- compare your story to everyone else's (and wonder if it will fit into the market - whatever that is).

-- try to keep everyone else in mind when you write instead of keeping yourself in mind.

-- think about all the negative reviews and critiques and never remember the positive feedback.

-- believe that everything you write should be great.

-- expect that you'll find your plot in the first draft and try to make the first draft perfect.

-- expect that writing will be easy and that there will be no resistance.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

If it has to do with perfection, I'm guilty!

Donna Hole said...

Yeah, I've had all these thoughts and procrastination techniques.

Have a good day Michelle.