November 1, 2011

yeah, that's me

day one, no words. i think a giraffe can write better than i can. i'll just hand the laptop to the 2 long necks in my header.

and then, as i scanned the blog posts on my sidebar, i came across these quotes by Janice Elsheimer at Vicky Gaines' blog.

“If we have neglected to develop and use the talents God has given us, we feel incomplete, unfulfilled, unfinished, even depressed. We are ‘like new wineskins ready to burst.”

“God wants us to act with hopeful hearts, not to continually put off working towards our heart’s desires, not to postpone our artistic development and feel frustrated and empty as a result.”

“The fear of not being ‘good enough’ can keep us from using our talents and gifts, especially if those gifts have lain dormant for quite a while.”

and then... “Inspiration comes from God, and the voice that tells us that what we are doing is not any good (will never sell, will never be published, is trivial, is lousy, is keeping us from our real responsibilities) comes right out of the pits of hell.”

thank you, dear, sweet Vicky.

so i'm off to fight the battle. prayers please. it's been a very long time and i'm scared to death.

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