November 20, 2011

feeling crazy about the holidays?

i know i do, every year at this time. "what are we doing for Thanksgiving?" (thankfully my husband loves to cook). "what are we getting the kids for Christmas?" "who's coming over and when?"

this year will be a little different. with only one family member in the vicinity, we're going to someone else's house for Thanksgiving, then having my uncle over for our own simple Thanksgiving on Saturday.

and as for Christmas, this year we get to cut a tree from our own property, so i want to do that the weekend after Thanksgiving. the cool thing is that our property is full of Douglas Fir, my favorite kind of Christmas tree. and the tree can stay up for a few weeks, which makes me happy to think about.

but there's still the temptation to do so many things. you know, you've seen the magazines at the check-out stand, or maybe they come in your mail. you can find articles on making amazing Christmas cookies (10 different kinds!) and coordinated holiday ornaments to cover your tree and ten course meals to serve on Thanksgiving and how to decorate every room in your house and how to make your own gift wrap and on and on and on.

and in the same magazine you can also find articles on how to diet, exercise, and simplify. i know they're just trying to market to everyone, but c'mon, they can make you crazy. you're like "I want to do it ALL. I want this to be a perfect holiday." and you can go around like the proverbial chicken with no head trying to get it all done. i know. i've tried.

i'm hoping for some sanity this year.

i think this article i read at the Brave Girls blog is going to help: The Brave Girls Club Guide to the Perfectly Imperfect Holiday Season. 


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

The perfect holiday is one everybody can enjoy. Don't overdo it?

julie fedderson said...

Perfect is all in your mind. The things I remember the best--and the ones that are usually the stuff of holiday stories for years to come--are usually things that were completely imperfect. Have a great holiday!