October 12, 2011

found it

someplace in the middle of all the boxes and used packing tape and disorganized chaos, i found my computer and it's now connected to the internet. there's great rejoicing here because for several weeks, we haven't had our own internet (just borrowed from hotels and grand parents and Great Harvest Bread Company of Butte). and weeks before that, the internet we had was less than stellar.

of course, my son, daughter, and i are internet binging for a couple of days to make up for our lack of web time, but after that, things will calm down a little and we'll get out more, meet new friends here in Butte, find things to do.

and then one of these days, i'll get back to blogging on a semi-regular basis, either here or at my Cowgirl blog, or both. thanks for all the words of well-wishing.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Go for it - twelve hours straight online!

Anne Gallagher said...

I'm glad you're all moved and everything is going well. And Yay! Internet! Hope to see you around soon.

Donetta said...

Welcome home, at least closer to it. So glad to hear that you found a place for the winter. Dash is off school around 3pm so his buddy can best reach him. Dove home just after 4.
Saw the place on map quest we are too happy for you to have your own.

Julies sister (Donna) might be johns not sure passed yesterday. She is hurting real bad. Too many terrible betrayals have really left her slain. She needs prayers. Her faith and courage does not falter just really hurt.
Better hit the sack
love you

MorningAJ said...

Welcome back to Cyberland!

February Grace said...

thinking of you.


Glynis said...

Be happy in your new home. Find exciting memories to make!