August 7, 2011

what i thought vs. reality

once i moved into the rental house here in Mesa, i thought i could jump back into life. thought i could spend quality time with friends. thought i could start blogging again.

my brain has shown me otherwise. i hadn't realized how tired my body and brain were. i have some long blog posts in my head, but my brain isn't ready to "put them on paper" so to speak. i haven't had the energy to meet with any friends at all. even phone conversations seem to be too much.

so i'm accepting the fact that i'm still a vegetable when it comes to thinking and i still need to rest. i'll get back to blogging and visiting blogs some time in the future. but not right now.

on another note, it seems my brain is ready to write. not my sequel, but something for me. a wonderful thing since i haven't written anything that's fiction for months. it feels good.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Even moving across town is draining - take your time!

KarenG said...

So maybe giving your blog a rest has gotten the other writing parts moving, eh? Good luck with it all!

Jemi Fraser said...

Take care of yourself - that comes first! Enjoy the writing :)

Jennifer @ Studio JRU said...

Sometimes we just need a good, long rest! I hear that! :)