July 1, 2011

i love random posts

because it's so easy to just let the thoughts flow and not worry about getting the post just right conveying my thoughts in the best way possible. kind of like writing a first draft.

§ i just realized that the character i chose for my bullet points is the same character i used in Eldala to separate scenes, except that i used a graphics program, turned it horizontally, and stretched it both diagonally and horizontally. someone told me it was the perfect symbol for the Eldala connection.

just for something interesting, here's the divider i'm planning to use in Black Heart (same symbol, just using a font called Lupus Blight). yeah, the story is quite a bit  darker than Eldala.

§ the reason Black Heart is darker--my son is writing the villain. he said that the villain in this one could kick the villain in Eldala down the stairs and take her lunch money. if i didn't know Brandon, i would be worried.

§ on a much lighter note... my blog needed a change but i didn't want to get rid of my giraffes or my background, so i changed background color. i think it looks cheerful.

§ sometimes i look at the reviews for Eldala on my sidebar and they still surprise me. stuff like "a good love story spiced with danger, intrigue" and "Keiran and Arathor both kept a little piece of my heart" are just plain cool.

and the one from Donna Hole that says "Eldala had me frequently fanning my heart between breathtaking descriptive narrative and the heartwrenching scenes of two lovers torn apart by fuedal responsibilities, miscommunications, and cultural animosity..." i can hardly believe that's my book. i had no idea i was writing a book with any of those things. i just wanted to write a good story.

§ i really didn't mean to talk so much about my book in this post, so i'm trying to think of one more random thought about something else... hmmm...i'll be glad to get out of this ridiculous heat. i mean 116? yeah, i know it will get cold in Butte, but i'll be so glad for the change. and real seasons. we don't get those in the desert.


Jennifer said...

Hey! Just discovering your blog! I am a homeschooling mom and writer as well. Though, distraction, life and well - everything else - has been in the way for a few months. When it comes to writing I'm given to flights of fancy, sudden diversion because of a dream I had and a fierce passion for my work, such that I have a hard time focusing on anything else than the characters in my head pacing, urging their literary completion. Anyway, my life has been through a season of transformation lately, thus changing the way I look at my own work. I care less and less for other people's opinions on it (where I once cared to the extent of fear) let go of the idea of a published work (for now) and have begun to write for the sake of my own heartbeat. I simply must write, as I simply must breathe, eat, sleep occasionally.
A fond hello from Texas, with sympathy for the heat. May your air conditioner never fail you. :)
~Jennifer Jones (Eleanor Raif)

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

The new color matches your giraffes! And 116 degrees? That sucks.

Jemi Fraser said...

116??? Yuck! We were at 31 degrees today - not sure what that is in Fahrenheit anymore :) I'm just glad we have a basement!

Melissa Ann Goodwin said...

The background is cheery, and kind of summery. I thought we were hot, but it's only been in the 90's. So I'll complain about the smoke instead. Wildfire burning near Los Alamos. I miss our blue skies. Had a little rain tonight that seemed like a blessing. Went outside and stood in it. Your son is funny.

Donetta said...

i agree it is a breathtaking love story

Pk Hrezo said...

Wow how awesome! Congrats on those great reviews! And also on your move to Montana! It is such a beautiful state, I absolutely love it there. :)

K.C. Woolf said...

I love that divider, and I think it's perfectly okay to talk about your book. :-)

Congratulations on the great reviews! :-)