July 8, 2011

fears vs. dreams by TWLOHA

Fears vs. Dreams from To Write Love on Her Arms. on Vimeo.


Melissa Ann Goodwin said...

That was so thought-provoking. We need to always test back to these things, our greatest dreams, our greatest fears.

I also love the new quote - if you don't mind I am going to put that up on twitter! I never have anything useful of my own to say there, so I like to share the wisdom of others. I'll give the link to your blog.

E. Arroyo said...

Love the comic strip. So true.

February Grace said...

Oh wow, now I'm crying.

I've said a lot in the past few months that I'm not working on my novels right now because I'm frantically rewriting the story of my life. It's never been truer than it has been the past seven months, and now is when I can finally start to see that hopefully, real, lasting, good change is about to happen.

It's been a long time. And many times I did very nearly give up.

I would have, if one person had not said to me, two years ago, just those two words: "You matter."

Then, they stuck around to be sure that I remembered that to them, I mattered.

That's why I'm still here.

Never underestimate the power of those two words.

Thank you, Michelle, for sharing that with us, and let me be among the friends here that say to you, publicly and without hesitation, those very words.

You matter.

This world would not ever be the same if you weren't in it. I'm so glad you're here.

I can't wait to see where our stories take us next.