May 4, 2011

on 220 or "please blog responsibly"

yeah, i know, i said i wouldn't be here, but i had to say something about reaching 220 followers. wow. i can remember when i had 5. heck, i can remember when blogger didn't have a followers gadget and i had to rely on counters to tell me if anyone in the cyberworld was reading my drivel brilliant blog posts.

ok, so having that many followers makes me think i should start being a more responsible blogger, etc, ad nauseum, lay on the guilt. well, i'm not. ha! life is what it is and this blog is what it is and you all followed before i decided to be responsible and so nothing is changing. (gee, now i sound like i'm whining. really, i'm not. just a little punchy from all the house cleaning today.)


The Words Crafter said...

House cleaning makes me a word that's not nice :))

Don't change it! That would mean I'd have to change mine, lol.

I was happy as a lark when I reached 12. When I passed 200, I asked my husband, "What in the world am I gonna do with all these people?"

Blog responsibly? Ha!

Great post, made me laugh :)

The Words Crafter said...

Oh! And grats on the 220!!!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Congratulations!! That is awesome.

N4M3L3SS said...


K.C. Woolf said...

A wonderful number, 220. Wow. :-)

If you got 220 followers being you, that seems like all the more reason not to change!

damyantiwrites said...

Congratulations :)

And I love the writer quote you have put up. Yes, sometimes you have to just write.

Donna Hole said...

I swear I post less the more followers I achieve. And its not because of housecleaning either :)