April 20, 2011

another review OR the cool thing about being a writer

when i started writing, i never imagined all the great people i'd meet, especially other writers. the connections i make always surprise me.

the other day, i was checking my Facebook home page and came across a link to a novel called Fins, by Ashley Knight. seeing it was a mermaid story peaked my interest. i love mermaid stories. i followed the link to Ashley's website, read the first two chapters, and was hooked. that led me to downloading a copy onto my Kindle for PC and i spent the next couple of days devouring this book. (when i get the chance, i'll put up a review).

in the meantime, i'd "friended" Ashley on Facebook and we started chatting. i discovered that we have a few things in common. when i finished Fins, i sent her a message to let her know i'd enjoyed it and then told her that some things in her novel reminded me of Eldala - heart connections, shared dreams, a main character who finds out she's more than she thought she was...

that led to Ashley downloading a copy of Eldala. when she finished reading, she wrote a review for me. i've posted it on my Eldala blog. i can see a new friendship forming here. makes me glad i started writing.


M.J. Fifield said...

It's really great when things like that happen!

Donna Hole said...

that's awesome. Sometimes social networking does work out :)


Kristie Cook said...

Nice review! Are you cheesing big-time? Hehe Can't wait to read yours about Fins.