March 5, 2011

read an e-book week

thank you, Lisa Yarde, for pointing out "Read an E-Book Week." i had no idea such a thing existed. as part of the celebration of the e-book's 40th birthday, and as one of the official sponsors, Smashwords will be offering discounts on many of their e-books. Eldala will be one of them. watch for more details on Monday.

you can click this link to read A History of E-books.


Lisa Yarde said...

I'll be looking for Eldala. I have it in paperback but I know it's one I'd read again on my kindle.

Nahno McLein said...

I am reading one right now. Lucky me.
Nahno ∗ McLein

Glynis said...

I didn't know it was e-book week, thanks for letting us know.