January 11, 2011

on "Loving the Reviews Challenge" and how to blog

my new Goodreads friend, Brandi Kosiner, will be hosting a contest for us bookish types who love to get lost in a story and then review it. ok, so i admit i don't review a lot of books, but this sounded intriguing, especially since i'll get to do a guest post about something as yet to be determined. (that sounds really official, doesn't it?) for more details, you can read Brandi's intro post.

on another note, as i wrote the intro paragraph, i thought about what i've read about social media and getting more people to your blog, etc. the article i read today talked about having great post titles and keywords and super content to get more visitors through the search engines. so when i looked at what i'd written, i thought, "this could be better. it should sound more professional."

but then it wouldn't sound like me. i have to write my blog like i write it and not worry about stuff like that. writing any other way would sound stilted and forced. (kind of the way my opening scene sounded yesterday when i tried to get it ready for a critique. it just wasn't me. i was trying too hard.)

all that to say, i'll keep writing like me.

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