January 27, 2011

now get back to writing

having wasted way too much time in the pursuit of photos that would inspire me to write another story (which frequently happens to me when i'm stuck on a scene that i probably don't need to write), i've seen the error of my ways and am now back to working on my third draft.

i'm not sure why i felt the need to tell you that, but there it is--one way-too-long sentence to describe the last few days. and one, i just realized, that i could edit, but it would take away from my writing time, which it already has. so what am i doing here blogging about it?

time to get back to what i really need to do.

distractions--be gone! it's time to write.


Colene Murphy said...

Good for you! Get back at it!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

For some reason, that really amused me.

Green Monkey said...

me too Alex ~ pictures also prompt my writing. I had no idea where I was going with "TAKE THE STRESS TEST" until I found the photo of the cow and dolphin.

okay... I'll stop writing so you'll stop reading, and get back writing! :)

Beth said...

Distractions -- the bane of my existence!