January 31, 2011

i love it when people give my book away

i know, i should be trying to get Eldala sold, not given away, but to be honest, i've given away more copies than i've sold, at least in person. saying, "i'd like to give you this" is so much easier than saying, "wanna buy it?" i tell myself with every batch of books i order that i'm not going to give them away. i'm going to sell and recover some of my costs. but then i give them away.

so of course i'm thrilled that my dear friend Christine at The Writer's Hole and my new friend Brandi of Blkosiner's Blog are both giving away copies of Eldala. see their respective blogs for details on how you can win.

and once their giveaways are over, i might be giving away some of those proof copies i bought--yeah, the ones that have a chapter heading at the bottom of a page, probably because i was bleary-eyed when i proofed the updated version before i uploaded to Lulu for printing.

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