January 7, 2011

encouragement from the oddest place

i'm sure you know from reading here lately that i'm having doubts about my 3rd draft. part of me wants to start on it now and part of me is scared to death. (the scared part is winning so far. except for the scene i wrote with my son, i've got nothing.)

the 250 word thing with Inkygirl is helping, but i still needed that umph to get me moving. today that umph came in the strangest form.

my daughter was watching an online episode of PBS's Arthur and the main character of that episode was having doubts about her story. her muse (in the form of Neil Gaiman i think) told her several things, but the one that caught my attention was, "Trust your heart. Trust your story."


very cool as far as i'm concerned.

it makes me remember the fortune i got in my Panda Express fortune cookie a couple of weeks ago that said, "Your mind is full of ideas. Make use of them."

yeah. God talks to me in fortune cookies and episodes of Arthur.

to remind myself of the Neil Gaiman advice, i altered my desktop.

i hope you remember that too.

and for more on encouragement from strange sources, here's an older post: encouragement from a rat.


catherine said...

great post--and what good reminders for us all as writers :) i'm such a worrier and perfectionist about my writing. i need to trust my heart and not my inner critic/editor as much!

Rebecca said...

Good post. When you're on the edge of writing we tend to second guess ourselves, but just like you said "Trust your story." No one can do it quite like you ~