December 6, 2010

Kristie Cook's Purpose VRP

by now, we should all know that Kristie Cook is becoming the queen of Virtual Release Parties. she had a very successful one with Promise, and now she's celebrating the release of Promise's sequel, Purpose.

i have to say that Promise took me completely by surprise. even though i'd enjoyed Twilight, i didn't think i could enjoy a story about an angel-type person having a romance with a former demon-type person, but wow, she quickly drew me into the story and i had to find out what happened to Alexis and Tristan.

i was not happy that it was a cliff-hanger, but it was never meant to be. she had to split her first book into two parts, and now we finally get the second part. so if you were dying to know how things turn out, go order a copy today and read to your heart's content.

as you can see, the party starts today and ends December 18. once again, she'll have interviews and great prizes. but you have to sign up to be entered in her drawings.