December 10, 2010

Black Heart 2nd draft news

after more than a year of working on it, as of 5:30 p.m. last night, the 2nd draft is DONE! (feels like a weight has been lifted. i really don't like 2nd drafts.)

now i have to make myself wait a day or two before i start the third draft. why? you may ask.

well... i have to read thru the whole thing because i don't remember what i wrote. i need to get my story changes for this draft in a list i can refer to with each scene i write. i need to write interview questions for Kristie Cook's Purpose Release Party. i need to clean house. and do some filing. and a few house projects for moving.

but then, i'm going to tear into it because i've been eager to get started on it for quite some time now.

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Colene Murphy said...

Yeay! Good luck on the next round!