November 1, 2010

Kristie Cook's Promise and Purpose

my new writing friend, Kristie Cook is releasing Purpose (her sequel to Promise) in December, but she's already started her publicity for Purpose now. in honor of one of her character's birthdays, she's running a "Mr. Beautiful's Halloween Hop and Contest" until November 5. the prizes include a gift card and a Kindle.

all you have to do is grab a picture of Tristan from Kristie's website and follow the instructions for the contest. i decided to make up 2 mock book covers and i posted them on my Wildhearted Woman blog, but i have to warn you, they may cause excessive drooling (or maybe a laugh at the rather cheesy titles).

when it finally comes time to do major promoting for my books, i'm going to Kristie for advice.


Ann Best said...

I think I'd come to YOU for advice! I'm been reading through some of your previous posts--and know I don't want to lose you in my "following blogs" list.

I did lose you, and everyone else over the weekend. A glitch in blogger forced me to delete my old blog and start a new one. I exported my blog, but blogger doesn't save followers. So now I'm going into blogs I want to keep following and re-signing in. I hope when you get a minute you'll come over and re-follow ME!

Kristie Cook said...

Aw, thank you. :) And thanks for spreading the word about contest. Again! :D