October 11, 2010

it's been a while

so it's time to post something. i've been out of town for a week, dabbling with another story, but it's time to get back to Blackheart. so to get me moving, i'm posting something i just added to it a few days ago:

this is a conversation between Tiana and Arathor, my two MC's. it takes place about 2/3 of the way through the story. Lydia is Kieran and Jessa's daughter, and Hayden is Gilrain and Sienna's son.

it's a little rough, but hey, it's 2nd draft material.

“You’d rather I left you?” Tiana asked.

“Yes. Get out of here.”

Her eyes took in his wounds. He didn’t want her to see him like this. She sucked in a breath when she saw the gaping wound in his chest. Her hand came over her mouth to stifle her sobs.


“You have to get out of here.”

“Hayden and I need to get you away from here.”

“No! If you do anything, Dar'vosh will know you’re alive. He’ll send his men to look for you. Get Hayden back to Korisan.”

“I won’t leave without you or Lydia.”

Arathor hissed through his gritted teeth. “No. Get out of here now.”

“Not without you.”

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Jackee said...

Great tension! Thanks for sharing, Michelle. :o)

And BTW, love the "why i write" quotes above. Thank you!

Have a happy Monday.

thewritelife2 said...

Pretty good conversation! Am looking forward to it when its on Amazon. Your fans are waiting eagerly.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Welcome back!
Hey, are you doing NaNo this year?