October 16, 2010

Creative Writing, Ink and me

a few days ago, i came across a new writing resource (new to me, anyway. i think it's been around for a while). the person who directed me to it is Talei Loto, the author of Musings of an Aspiring Scribe.

started by publisher and children's author Olive O'Brien,"Creative Writing Ink offers online creative writing classes to writers around the world together with editing and critique services.

In addition, you can use our discussion forum, which is a free service. Writers can share their work, ideas and tips with other writers and obtain feedback...We also run monthly writing competitions based on excerpts posted on our forum, which will be published in our quarterly e-journal."

when i clicked on Talei's link, i found an interesting website with writer resources, editing services, a discussion forum, and a members' blog. the few posts were great, like "How to Write a Novel in 37 Easy Steps" by Catherine Ryan Howard.

i decided to contact Olive to see if i could contribute. since NanoWrimo is coming up, i offered a few posts i'd written about it in the past. Olive posted one of them today: "National Novel Writing Month."

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