September 8, 2010

review for Eldala by Lisa Yarde

my new blogging/writing/indie author friend Lisa Yarde took my book on her vacation and then wrote this kind review:

In Eldala, Kieran, the orphaned heir to the throne of Teleria discovers the truth of his origins in a letter from his father King Arathor. In it, Arathor writes, "All I am asking you to do is let yourself make the journey." Sage advice, which also applied to me in reading the book. I tend to read within my genre and rarely have I read fantasy, but I'm so glad Michelle Gregory introduced me to her work.

When Kieran discovers the truth behind his identity, he goes on a quest to recapture his father's kingdom, and find the childhood friend he lost. Little does he know that she is key to unlocking his destiny. I loved the emotional journey that Kieran undertakes, in which he learns to be a fighter and a leader of many people and I hope to read more about him in the future.

and then she said she was looking forward to reading more about my two main characters in Blackheart, and well, that still has to get done. i'd like to read it, too. i think i have an idea for the next scene, but now i have to find the time to write it.

for more reviews, you can visit my Eldala blog.

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Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

That's great she liked it!
And I feel that way about my current project. I'd really like to read it, too.