September 4, 2010

oy! how boring!

my blog that is. i can tell i've been away. so how about some random thoughts to keep you entertained?

^^ why is it easier to write a 26,000 word story than the one i'm supposed to be working on? is it because it's a first draft and i love first drafts? all those words just poured out of me in 3 days. tired hands.

^^ now that the neighbor's dog has mostly calmed down at night, my own dog is yowling for attention. the joys of having a puppy in the house.

^^ my brain is still too tired from sleep deprivation to figure out the current scene in my sequel. pardon my complaining.

^^ one of my new writing friends has asked me to be a beta reader. the thought is exciting and a little daunting. good thing i'm *not* working much on my sequel.

^^ my friend told me that having hot flashes is like having your own personal summer. what an apt description of what i'm going thru. too bad it's also summer outside.

^^ i think my brain is done. time to go to bed.

1 comment:

Donna Hole said...

Ah, so you didn't shoot the dog! Well, the neighbors may yet bring you coffee :)

Beta reading is exciting. I do it a lot. Some might say I'm addicted.

My sister hates me; she's three years younger and been in menopause for a long time. Me, not really (waves fan at face). Its the wine; keeps me young.

Good luck with the read and the rewrites.