September 18, 2010


i like to think my plot is original and then i see stuff like this. (this is PG-13, so be warned.)

and i get discourged, because there are (depending on who you believe) only 7 plots or 30 plots or 65 plots. but that doesn't mean i stop writing. it can't stop any of us. we have to write. it just means we have to find the angle that's different from all the others.


Catherine Denton said...

oddly, for me that's encouraging.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Rmember, no two people view a situation the same way - so every formula is a little different. Don't be discouraged - keep writing!

Christine Danek said...

Alex is right. We all look at things differently therefore we all write differently. This creates a unique story.
Keep going!!

Donetta said...

loved it.
the kids are sleeping and so sweet tonight. a. gave me two of the longest hugs. she is so happy to spend the nigh. Love her new glasses. the screw came loose Steve fixed it fine though the lens did come out.

Donna Hole said...

I liked it too. Fits my own thinking.