September 5, 2010

a Labor Day Cyber Picnic/BBQ/Bloghop

via Nicole Ducleroir~ at One Significant Moment at a Time, i found a very cool way to meet new cyberfriends. Karen Gowen is hosting a Labor Day cyber BBQ/bloghop that runs all this holiday weekend.

what a great idea. and it means staying out of the heat, which is perfect for me because, really, here in the Phoenix area, who wants to picnic in 115 degree heat? picnics are for October and November.

to participate, all you have to do is follow her blog, comment with what you're bringing to the picnic and tell a little about your blog. then hop through the other comments and find other bloggers to meet and follow.

1 comment:

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I've been enjoying Karen's weekend BBQ!!