September 9, 2010

i finally did it

this is like iPod déjà vu.

when my husband wanted an iPod back a few years ago, i teased him with, "why would you ever want that?" now he has to fight me for it. i have more music folders set up than he does.

or maybe it's like digital camera déjà vu.

when he wanted one of those, i said, "i like my Canon that uses film." i can't remember the last time i had pictures developed.

it could be like Facebook déjà vu.

i got on FB only because it was the best way to communicate with my niece at Baylor. she didn't check email. that was back in 2007 when all you could do was write on someone's wall and poke them. now i check FB like six or seven times a day. i'm incorrigable.

now it's spread to the phone.

it was hard enough getting a cell phone back in 2005, and i only bought it so i could find my husband at Disneyland. then i started using it a lot. but i didn't want texting on it. i still don't like the thought of people communicating in small bytes via their phones. why don't they just call each other? my husband uses it all the time. he says it's more convenient. i hate that i have to agree.

so my flip phone with no texting, no camera, and no internet finally broke. the flippy part wouldn't stay open. i had to get a new one. i wanted texting (so i could send messages to dh), a camera, and that was it. no internet. nothing else.

i ended up with a 3G compatable LG phone from Verizon. i connected to the internet and downloaded "March of the Imperials" from Star Wars as my ringtone.

and darn it, i was texting my husband just this morning, back and forth, when i could have called him. it was the iPod and the camera and Facebook all over again.

next thing you know, i'll be getting on Twitter. heaven forbid.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I'm impressed you've stayed one jump ahead of him! I'll be watching for that Twitter account.

Laurel said...

HA! I am also a very, very late adopter of technology. I didn't have a cell phone until last year. And it's a cheap one with almost no gadgets at all.

I can't bring myself to twitter just yet either. It's a shyness thing I guess, but I know I'll have to take the plunge eventually.