welcome to my blog

welcome to my blog

i'm Michelle Gregory, a 55-year-old wife, mom, Jesus-lover, beginning French learner, and Arizona native who moved to Montana 6 years ago (yeah--that was a huge change). i collect way too many craft supplies (and occasionally use them), spend way too much time on Instagram and Facebook, obsessively check my email, and own 2 horses, 2 dogs, and 1 very large black cat. i've been working on the sequel to my one fantasy novel for 9 years (don't you feel better now?). i haven't done anything here for a long time, but maybe jumping back into blogging will get the writer side of my brain humming again.

all of that may be more than you wanted to know, but anyway...

August 26, 2010

you know you're reading one of my books...

when you find--

-- lots of em dashes at the ends of dialogue. my characters interrupt each other a lot.

-- lots of elipses and dashes. my characters pause their speaking and thinking a lot.

-- food. lots of food.

-- tea. seems they're always drinking tea when they talk. hmm...

-- sword fights. those are fun.

-- romance. lots of romance.

-- and kissing. don't forget that.

these are the things i've noticed as i've read through Eldala to edit for re-release sometime in the near future.

want to know the coolest thing i discovered?

even though it's my story and i know how it ends and i've read it like a gazillion times, i get so involved in the story that i forget to edit.


Dawn Embers said...

That's a good sign. I sometimes have that when reading my own stuff and it's kinda cool.

I've never used em dashes for dialogue with a character interrupting another. Interesting option.

drea moore said...

Haha! Nice! My characters drink a lot of tea, too :D They don't interrupt each other much...but that does sound like conversations with my friends and family :P

Kristie Cook said...

Em dashes and elipses...what would we do without-?

Love it when I read my own stuff and get all wrapped up in it. Happy editing!

Michelle Gregory said...

Dawn - nice to know i'm not alone. so what do you use when your characters interrupt? or are your characters extremely polite? :)

Drea - tea drinkers/writers unite.

Kristie - i don't kn--. wait... what was i just talking about? it's late and i have no idea.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Are they drinking tea while sword fighting? That I'd like to see!