August 26, 2010

you know you're reading one of my books...

when you find--

-- lots of em dashes at the ends of dialogue. my characters interrupt each other a lot.

-- lots of elipses and dashes. my characters pause their speaking and thinking a lot.

-- food. lots of food.

-- tea. seems they're always drinking tea when they talk. hmm...

-- sword fights. those are fun.

-- romance. lots of romance.

-- and kissing. don't forget that.

these are the things i've noticed as i've read through Eldala to edit for re-release sometime in the near future.

want to know the coolest thing i discovered?

even though it's my story and i know how it ends and i've read it like a gazillion times, i get so involved in the story that i forget to edit.


Dawn Embers said...

That's a good sign. I sometimes have that when reading my own stuff and it's kinda cool.

I've never used em dashes for dialogue with a character interrupting another. Interesting option.

drea moore said...

Haha! Nice! My characters drink a lot of tea, too :D They don't interrupt each other much...but that does sound like conversations with my friends and family :P

Kristie Cook said...

Em dashes and elipses...what would we do without-?

Love it when I read my own stuff and get all wrapped up in it. Happy editing!

Michelle Gregory said...

Dawn - nice to know i'm not alone. so what do you use when your characters interrupt? or are your characters extremely polite? :)

Drea - tea drinkers/writers unite.

Kristie - i don't kn--. wait... what was i just talking about? it's late and i have no idea.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Are they drinking tea while sword fighting? That I'd like to see!