August 3, 2010

yet another blog

she's almost 9 and she already has 2 of her own blogs, but now my writer in the family, AKA Anna, has a blog for her pandas so they can share their mystery stories. they are in the midst of writing a series of 25 books, 3 of which have already been written, and 1 they're working on right now.


L.L. Barkat said...

that is so sweet! I've held back on creating blogs for my kids and just showcase their work on my Green Inventions blog.

Fun, fun! :)

Francine said...


So cute! But I realy dropped by to say I've done a follow-up post on the "Share Your Darlings blogfest" in relation to publisher rejection of the novel and snippet!

I've posted the big R to help others avoid the pitfalls of subbing to new imprints!