August 19, 2010

some great writing resources

in my quest to make myself write the scene that's been dogging at me for a month, (and also as a way to put it off) i've been doing some research and have come across some great writing resources. i've shared a couple before, but i've added some new ones.

How and when to use hyphens:

English forums: Rules for Using Hyphens

English Plus Grammer: Rules for dividing words at the end of a line

What to do if you're stuck because you can't get the emotions right in a scene or don't know how to describe a certain setting or place:

The Emotional Thesaurus at the Bookshelf Muse.
(i spent a lot of time fooling around here. it's a goldmine... or is that gold mine?)

Several articles on how to write a good fight scene:

Helium: Writing Process - Fight Scenes

How to write a torture scene (are you scratching your head over this? i write fantasy and yes, there's going to be some torture, but i'm not going to tell you who and it's not going to be a lot...)

Writing Tip Page: Torture - Description
(there are other things here for writing. also, there is some adult content and language, just as a warning.)

i hope you find something useful from my procratinating... er... research.

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